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I am a PhD student (started in 2015) at IRIF under the direction of Nicolas Schabanel in the Distributed Algorithms and Graphs Team. My main work focuses on Dynamic Clustering and communication complexity.

I am a member of the Random Sample Voting Project, where I am responsible for the development of the RSV simulator. I'm in the process of publishing a book on the use of randomness in politics.

I am part of the POP Special Exploratory Committee, a new political party/platform where we seek to implement real-time democracy.

Our crypto/UI experiment with Ted Selker is now over, thanks for your participation.

 Research interests

  • Graph Theory

  • Complexity Theory

  • Probabilistic and Geometric Algorithms

  • Property Testing

  • Social Networks

  • Voting Theory and e-Democracy

  • History of political philosophy


  • BScs in Cpsci and Mathematics from Paris VII university in 2012

  • Student at ENS Paris (2012-2016)

  • Masters of Research in Computer Science (graduated in 2015)

  • PhD in Computer Science at LIAFA-IRIF (2015 - ...)

  • Member of the RSVP since January 2016

  • Member of POP SpEC since 2017