I am the creator and principal writer of an Interactive fiction set in New-York. It is still in development but will come out sooner or later (with O. Pivot's help).

Code bits (which have a non-zero probability of working) :

- My github
- Archive for a dating site population simulator, comparing multiple systems like OkCupid
- Archive for a program computing the probability of a certain hand in MTG, with redraws
- Archive for a program computing probabilities of bad instances for DFLR

My photography website (I had a few exhibits but slowed down when I got into ENS).
A preliminary technical document for a voting system I'm working on with some friends (I have since joined the RSVoting team.

Two small texts I wrote back in junior high (poem, short story). I realize that I am putting those online and exposing myself to ridicule but my ideas have changed more than a bit (and no, the poem isn't about me, nor is the short story). 
About the "K." : my pseudonym as a photograph and street artist (I used to play the keys in the street and with the Fanfarons de Paname) is Koliaza, and most people only knew me as that or as the diminutive Kolia (which is the name by which I usually go and prefer being addressed).
As, depending on the spelling, I have a very frequent name/surname combo (exhibit A and B), keeping the K in my initials also helps being found.