By completing this 2 to 5 minutes experiment you are agreeing to help us collect typing data for a publication to improve user interfaces.

You can leave at any time, and the data will only be collected if you finish.

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Basic Info

Are you on a mobile device (phone/tablet) ?

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How well do you remember codes like licence numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and telephone numbers ?

1 (Bad) 2 3 4 5 (Good)

Which country/region are you from ?

What is the main language you use ?

How old are you ?


Please manually retype the password from the left into the field on the right.


Please choose one of the next two codes (the one that seems the easiest to write) and type it in the field underneath.


Please indicate whether you have seen this password in the previous sections.


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Two last question though :

Do you have a numeric keypad ?

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How many codes do you think you have written ? Please don't go back to check, it will reset and mess the whole experiment.

You can optionally insert your email address to get the results of the experiment (it will only ever be used for that).

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Nicolas K. Blanchard and Ted Selker