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Articles  (in French) for the maths popularization magazine Tangente :

Le Théorème de Poincaré-Perelman
Le Théorème des Graphes Parfaits
Quand le Hasard Crée des Certitudes
Les Testeurs de Propriété
Classes de Complexité
Des mots de passe pas très secrets

Slides from popularization conferences :
De Poincaré à Perelman (with Animaths, with whom I sometimes give conferences)
Reconnaissance de Triangles (for the 2015 Prologin final)
Baker-Gill-Solovay (at ENS Paris)
I sometimes participate in the Parimaths program, teaching students mathematics at ENS on Saturday afternoons : Parimaths website.

We wrote (with Leila Gabasova) an article on GPS technology for the Salon Culture & Jeux Mathématiques 2017, and another article on the angel problem for the 2018 edition. 
We also made a poster on the future of democracy for WORDLCON75.

I organized a spring school in Prishtina, Kosovo with Siargey Kachanovich and the support of Animath and the French and Kosovar embassies.

I went to Moldova with Martin Andler (president of Animath) to train teachers and popularize periscolar mathematics. 

I participated in the creation of the Mathmosphere education platform and created the first MOOC on it, on the subject of graph theory.