Research Subjects

Current interests and activities

I'm currently working on my PhD on dynamic clustering with N. Schabanel. We are also looking at the interface between communication complexity and property testing.

I'm working with L. Gabasova and S. Kachanovich on Computational Geometry.

I joined the Random Sample Voting Project in January 2016 to study how to prevent vote selling and am responsible for the creation and continued development of the RSV Simulator. I'm also in the process of publishing a book on the use of randomness in politics.

I participated to the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy where I gave multiple talks and organized a demo of the RSV system. 

I'm a founding member of the Public Opinion Platform Special Exploratory Committee, which seeks to implement real-time democracy in different countries. 

Past research

I previously worked with Oded Lachish and Eldar Fischer on long paths and cycles in 2- and 3-connected graphs. 

I worked on the roots of graph polynomials with Janos Makowsky and Elena Ravve.

Papers and Conferences

Dynamic Clustering

Paper and slides from WALCOM 2017 (with appendices).

Slides from the GT CoA. 

Paper from Algotel 2016.

Voting Theory and e-democracy

Slides from the first plenary talk at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2016.

Paper (French) from Algotel 2016.

Transcript of an interview (and blurry video) with Audrey Tang, digital minister of Taiwan.

Paper and slides from the presentation at TeSS 2017 (2nd best phd award).

Computational Geometry

A paper on polytope nesting with Leila Gabasova and Siargey Kachanovich should be here soon.

Note on a computational topology problem (inflating balls in a metric space). 

Graph Theory

Paper on roots of graph polynomials with Janos Makowsky and Elena Ravve (Editors' Choice, European Journal of Combinatorics).

I previously worked with Oded Lachish and Eldar Fischer on long paths and cycles in 2- and 3-connected graphs. A link to the paper will be here eventually.

Small scale work done during my studies :

Slides and report for the M2 internship I had with N. Schabanel on Dynamic Facility Location.

Review of "On Buffon Machines and Numbers" by P. Flajolet, M. Pelletier, M. Soria, done for the Analysis of Algorithms class in MPRI.

Independent study of Conway's Angel problem for the ENS entrance competition.

Report on a homemade heuristic to solve the Graph Isomorphism problem, done for the ENS algorithmic class (code available on my github).

Slides of my internship defense, where I worked on the Grid-Minor theorem by Chekuri and Chuzhoi, (internship under the direction of Saket Saurabh at IMSC in 2014).