In this experiment which should last around 2 minutes, you will be asked to quickly describe three pictures, and will then have a short memory test.

You can leave at any time, and the data will only be collected if you finish, but please do not refresh this page or try to go back as it will erase your data.

Before the main questions, are you on a mobile device (phone/tablet) ?

Yes No

Also, have you done this experiment before, or seen someone do it?

Yes No

Thank you for your assistance in this research.


Please try to memorize the image below, and write a sentence or list of at most ten words that you could use to identify it from similar images.


You will be shown two sets of 10 similar pictures, among which might be one you've seen before. If you see any image below is identical to one you've seen before, please click on it, otherwise select none and click Next.



You're nearly done. Please click the submit button (IMPORTANT!) to end this experiment.

Thank you for your participation and don't hesitate to share this experiment!

Enka Blanchard and Ted Selker