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I am a postdoctoral researcher, recently recruited by the DigiTrust Consortium at the University of Lorraine to create transdisciplinary research projects. Before this, I defended my PhD titled "Usability: low tech, high security" at IRIF in the Distributed Algorithms and Graphs Team. I was advised by Nicolas Schabanel and Ted Selker, with whom I worked on human usability of security and its applications to voting systems. I'm currently in the process of publishing a book on the use of randomness in politics. I'm also co-organising a seminar on law and informatics at EHESS.

My research is heavily transdisciplinary and my main interests currently go from usable security to  institution design, empirical psychology and crip theory.  As such, I tend to work with a large set of colleagues from different labs and am a member of multiple research groups, such as the Random Sample Voting Project, where I am responsible for the organization of RSV elections. I'm also a member of Chôros and the POP Special Exploratory Committee, a new political party/platform where we seek to implement real-time democracy.

We currently have multiple online experiments going on, so if you have a few minutes don't hesitate to contribute. They are generally open to everyone, but we are currently looking specifically for young researchers and graduate students for a specific one that could have direct benefits to them. If you are interested by the datasets, send me an email.

 Research interests

  • Human-Computer Interactions

  • Security and Cryptography

  • Institution Design

  • Graph Theory and Complexity Theory

  • Queer and Crip Theoy

  • Voting Theory and e-Democracy

  • History of Political Philosophy


  • BScs in Cpsci and Mathematics from Paris VII university in 2012

  • Student at ENS Paris (2012-2016)

  • Masters of Research in Computer Science (graduated in 2015)

  • PhD in Computer Science at LIAFA-IRIF (2015 - 2019)

  • Postdoctoral researcher at Digitrust (2019 - 2021)

  • Member of RSVP (since 2016), POP SpEC (2017), Chôros (2018)