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Paper on roots of graph polynomials with Janos Makowsky and Elena Ravve (Editors' Choice, European Journal of Combinatorics).

Research Subjects

My initial training was in mathematics and theoretical computer science, and I started my PhD on dynamic clustering with Nicolas Schabanel. In the end, I changed subjects to work with Ted Selker on usability of security and its applications to e-democracy.

I very recently joined the DigiTrust Consortium, where I am doing interdisciplinary research, with the general goal of improving people's experience in multiple aspects of their lives (going from online security and privacy to voting). That said, I am still devoting a significant fraction of my energy to research projects on other topics. Here are some of my principal interests at the moment: 

  • Online authentication mechanisms;
  • Models for human mental computing;
  • Institution design;
  • Voting protocols;
  • Intersections between crip and queer theory;
  • Legal issues surrounding data ownership.

As I work between multiple fields, I do not have as much expertise as a specialist in a single field, which leads me to create collaborations with a large set of researchers and experts. This allows me to bridge the different fields while making sure that the methodology and end results are sound. I am generally extremely open to new collaborations, so don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have an idea or would like to participate in some of our projects. After a decade of activism, I also recently decided to get involved in the more academic side of queer and crip theories.


The people I do most of my work with are Ted Selker (usable security and voting), Leila Gabasova (planetary science and usability) and Siargey Kachanovich (graph theory and geometry).

I have also worked and still sometimes work on:
- graph theory with Oded LachishEldar FischerJanos Makowsky and Elena Ravve
- dynamic clustering with Nicolas Schabanel;
- security with Eli Sennesh, Clément Malaingre, Xavier Coquand and Florentin Waligorski;
- voting with David Chaum and Alan Sherman;
- institution design with Géza Tessényi;
- geography with Jacques Lévy;
- legal issues with Sunimal Mendis.

A note on authorship

Three things should be noted when it comes to names and publications, as practices vary between fields and I'm a bit of a special case. First, I changed my first name at the end of 2019, hence the discrepancy between the different papers. I now sign everything as Enka Blanchard (Enka's FAQ). Second, nearly all the papers shown use alphabetical author ordering, with the generally accurate assumption that every author contributed similarly, as is standard practice in many mathematical fields. I tend to use such rules when I create transdisciplinary projects. Two notable exceptions are the paper with Makowsky and Ravve, where I contributed less, and papers in planetary science, where I follow the practice of my partner L. Gabasova as they're the drive behind the projects.
Third, practices of journals versus conferences vary a lot between fields and, although everything shown as published here is peer-reviewed, standards vary wildly. Conference papers in planetology do not tend to "count" career-wise, whereas conferences can be harder to get into than journals in computer science. Trying to make sense of productivity by counting either first-author papers or just the total number of papers is then a biased process (in my favour generally).


I defended my thesis Usability: low tech, high security on June 21st, 2019, before the following jury:
Nicolas Schabanel and Ted Selker (directors);
Michelle Mazurek, David Naccache, Peter Y. A. Ryan (reviewers);
Adrian Kosowski (examiner) and Marine Minier (examiner and president of the jury).
Thesis (online or printable), video of the defense (slides), French jury's report and reviewers' (1,2,3).

Papers and Talks

Security and Usability

Paper on improved passphrase choice and slides from ACSAC 2018 with C. Malaingre and T. Selker. French paper and slides from Algotel 2018.
Preprint on a mental password management algorithm with L. Gabasova, T. Selker, and E. Sennesh. French paper and slides from Algotel 2018.
Paper on improved single-use codes for manual transcription from HCII 2019 with L. Gabasova and Ted Selker.
Video of an invited talk on Human Computable Passwords, Stanford EE:380 on November 28, 2018  (slides). A similar talk was given at MIT CSAIL Security Seminar on December 10th 2018 (slides).
Paper on typo correction using discrete logarithms from ICCSCE 2019.
Paper on an analysis of client-side hashing for authentication from STAST 2019 with X. Coquand and T. Selker.
Paper on authentication using reflexive eye biometrics from ETAA 2019 on with S. Kachanovich, T. Selker, and F. Waligorski
Preprint on a typo correction algorithm for passwords, French paper and slides from Algotel 2019.
Preprint on cryptography using the pornography infrastructure with S. Kachanovich.

Voting Theory and e-democracy

Slides from the first plenary talk at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.
Paper on sample voting from Algotel 2016 in French.
Transcript of an interview (and blurry video) with Audrey Tang, digital minister of Taiwan.
Paper on building trust for sample voting and slides from TeSS 2017 (2nd best PhD award). Complete paper in IJDSST.
Paper on the difficulties of implementing voting technology from STAST 2018 with T. Selker.
Extended abstract on institution design from SMOLNY 2019 and complete version on HAL.
Preprint on usable paper-based verifiable voting systems with T. Selker.

Queer and Crip Theory

Preprint on spatialities and temporalities of disability
Preprint in a light tone listing some temporal expenses of traveling while crip. Full academic paper about Time Taxes
Preprint on an autoethnography of disability and transidentity
Preprint on the relative absence of physically disabled trans people

Dynamic Clustering

Paper on dynamic sum-radii clustering and slides from WALCOM 2017 (with appendices), with N. Schabanel. Corresponding slides from the GT CoA and paper from Algotel 2016.

Computational Geometry

A short paper on inflating balls in a metric space from BGW 2019, with S. Kachanovich. 

A paper on polytope nesting with L. Gabasova and S. Kachanovich will be here eventually.

Graph Theory

Paper on roots of graph polynomials with J. Makowsky and E. Ravve (Editors' Choice, European Journal of Combinatorics).
Preprint on longest paths in 2-edge-connected  cubic graphs with E. Fischer, O. Lachish, and F. Reidl.
Short paper on counting paths in constrained control-flow graphs from BGW 2019, with S. Kachanovich.

Planetary Science

Abstract on progressive metaheuristics for high-dimensional radiative transfer model inversion with Leila Gabasova and New Horizons COMP team, from the European Planetary Science Congress, 2018. Slides by L. Gabasova.
Abstract on Pluto surface composition from spectral model inversion with metaheuristics with Leila Gabasova and New Horizons COMP team, from the European Planetary Science Congress, 2019. Slides by L. Gabasova.

Small scale work done during my studies:

Slides and report for the M2 internship I had with N. Schabanel on Dynamic Facility Location.

Review of "On Buffon Machines and Numbers" by P. Flajolet, M. Pelletier, M. Soria, done for the Analysis of Algorithms class in MPRI.

Independent study of Conway's Angel problem for the ENS entrance competition.

Report on a homemade heuristic to solve the Graph Isomorphism problem done for the ENS algorithmic class (code available on my github).

Slides of my internship defense, where I worked on the Grid-Minor theorem by Chekuri and Chuzhoi, (internship under the direction of Saket Saurabh at IMSC in 2014).