2016 Prishtina Spring School in Mathematics

Prishtina, Kosovo, May 16th-20th

Co-organized with Siargey Kachanovich, with the support of : 

AnimathsAnimaths Prishtina, French Embassy, KEC, Mileniumi i Trete

The courses will be split into two sessions per day, with Siargey Kachanovich teaching the first and Enka Blanchard teaching the second. Everything will be taught in English.

The courses will require no preliminary knowledge and will strive to give both an introduction to a variety of mathematical fields and a small taste of research in mathematics. The focus this year will be on discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. Multiple sessions will feature a (generally easy) problem that is or was until recently unsolved. The students will be guided until they reach (hopefully) the state of the art on that problem. 

If you are a potential student and are unsure whether to come, don't hesitate to email me.

Preliminary Program, subject to change
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Discrete Probabilities 1
Problem : Multiple classical problems

Complexity Theory 1
Problem : Min-Max Algorithms


Problem : Disorders

Graph Theory 1
Problem : Number of Minimal Separators


Computational Geometry
Problem : Voronoy Diagrams

Discrete Probabilities 2
Problem : Paths in Permutation Trees


Graph Theory 2 
Problem : 5-Color Theorem

Intro to Formal Logic
No Problem session, see here for a reference.


Generating Functions
Problem : Catalan's Numbers

Game Theory
Problem : Chomp